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Second hand Cisco

You have your datastorage facility full of Cisco network equipment and you are looking for second hand Cisco routers and switches to save costs? Second hand Cisco routers and switches have excellent durability, especially young second hand products from three years old. Where one company passes on to new Cisco equipment, other organisations are very satisfied with the performance of previous model routers. We are specialised in second hand Cisco.

We sell and we buy second hand Cisco routers and switches. Contact us for a quote or a chat. Our staff has a perfect knowledge of the Cisco models and can support you also with technical questions. All second hand Cisco routers and switches that we sell are tested extensively and are sold with a warranty. We trade second hand Cisco but primarily in Europe

Second hand Cisco routers and switches for an affordable growth model

We see a major increase in data traffic, speed requirements, mobile offices, cloud computing and network security risks. This growth model involves large investments in networking equipment. At the same time we notice more issues to finance these investments. Second hand Cisco routers and switches can solve your financial hinders. We offer second hand Cisco routers at high discounts even up to 75% off of the original list price. Most of our second hand routers and switches are between one and three years old. Typically, discounts increase with the age of the equipment. Ask us for a quote if you want to buy or sell second hand Cisco. You can contact us or put the product models and your specifications on the contact form.

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The 7 securities:

  • » discounts up to 40 80%
  • » 1 year warranty
  • » extensive testing program
  • » large router stock
  • » fast delivery
  • » professional staff
  • » technical support