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Cost savings on Cisco routers and switches

The demand for networking equipment increases dramatically every year. There is both a strong need for more speed and more capacity on data traffic. On the other hand we see a rapid expansion of various internet services. This requires increased investment and higher operating costs which will certainly affect your cashflow and profits.

We offer an interesting opportunity to cut costs by 50 to 75% on Cisco's suggested retailprice!

Obviously, the key benefit to buy second hand routers from us is the low price level. However, we do everything to ensure you that your money is well spent on good quality routers and switches. We focus on second hand Cisco, not only because of its excellent functionality, but also because of its proven and durable  (long) technical lifecycle. We primarily focus on offering a good TCO (total cost of ownership).

Sometimes you need cutting edge technology, sometimes you can work with a router, switch or module from a previous product generation. Our goal is to optimize the mix of price, quality, functionality and manageability. As part of this quality program, our second hand Cisco routers and switches are all carefully tested by technical engineers.

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The 7 securities:

  • » discounts up to 40 80%
  • » 1 year warranty
  • » extensive testing program
  • » large router stock
  • » fast delivery
  • » professional staff
  • » technical support